About Us

About Touched by Yoga

Based out of Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia, Touched by Yoga is deeply rooted in wellbeing and the whole human experience. We provide meaningful experiences, centred around exploring your body-mind, to build connection to self, community, and the environment, to feed one’s curiosity with endless opportunities for self discovery.

The intention behind sharing our wellness therapies and experiences is to inspire individuals to embark on their journey to healing, wellness and simply living. All of the modalities we share, teach or provide, have had a profound and positive impact on our own healing and happiness and we can attest to their potency.

Our belief is that by investing in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, thus giving back to yourself, you can realise your full potential. We would love to welcome you to the Touched by Yoga philosophies and look forward to guiding and supporting you on your journey.

Why Choose Touched by Yoga

We Inspire

We believe in inspiring people to take the lead in making positive change. We inspire through our belief, passion and action for wellness as a rudimentary cause.

  • Joy – We believe in the feeling of joy created by yoga, movement and meditation that flows through to building stronger relationships with oneself and others. It facilitates the sentiment of pleasure and compassion in all spheres of our daily lives.
  • Love – This is what it is all about!! Connecting to your sense of love, the love for yourself, the love that you are, the force of love. Both giving and receiving love in a caring and compassionate way to all beings.
  • Being Present – The power of now, mindfulness. Knowing that you will learn what you need to learn, exactly when you are ready to do so. There is no rush, no race, simply feel your way into now.
  • Trust – Trusting in the simple fact, that all is as it should be. Trusting your intuition; having faith that everything is ok.
  • Impermanence – NO-THING is permanent. NO-THING has a hold on us. The freedom from all perceived limitations be they emotional, behavioral, or physical blocks.
  • Do the experiment – Delve into your physical or emotional pain however it manifests; suffering, discomfort, fear. Just as you delve into your joy, love and happiness, explore and embrace all facets of yourself. Find the joy in the freedom that this unearthing offers.


We value connection to others, to oneself, to the greater community and to the environment.


We are real, we know our beliefs and what we stand for. We do not waiver on our values or compromise our integrity. We are fundamentally honest and approachable. We are world class facilitators within our field, offering authentic direct path teachings of all modalities we offer.


We exist with a strong spirit and high energy. Our cause is heartfelt, motivating everything that we do.


We are drivers of positive change and nurture the will of anyone who values wellbeing. We assist in helping people find their full potential, supporting them in realising their goals.


We are motivated by a core belief that holistic wellbeing is everybody’s human right. We believe that yoga, movement and meditation improve the wellbeing of any and all individuals who participate.

For All

We are not exclusive to any race, religion, age, gender, class or creed. We are for all classifications of movement, yoga and meditation. We are for everyone, everywhere. We value, nurture and embrace the uniqueness of each person and the diversity of each community.

Professional and Experienced Staff

The Touched by Yoga family is a global, seasoned team of industry experts who are dedicated to the fundamental ideologies of wellbeing. Down-to-earth, warm, compassionate, and nurturing, we all share a mutual love of movement, yoga, surf, nature and living a fulfilled, honest and happy life.

We love what we do and thrive on sharing it with you. It is our absolute pleasure to offer guidance, advice through skilful means for you to move closer to your ideal and true potential, and to inspire you to continuously be curious about exploring your full self.


Why are we called ‘Touched by Yoga’ ?

Get in Touch

  • With yourself and in-turn, build more meaningful relationships with those around you.
  • With your FEELINGS, your felt sense; one of your most subtle bodies. Understanding all that you are and all that you do through how it feels, as opposed to understanding or experiencing it within your mind.

Power of Touch

  • Communicate love, create physical or emotional feelings of warmth, safety and trust
  • Boost your immune system and lower blood pressure
  • Reduce depression, stress, or pain
  • Improve the overall quality of sleep
  • Cultivates a greater sense of a happy mood
  • Soothe and stimulate, it simply feels good to touch and be touched

Touching Communication

  • Touch is known as the primary language of compassion and is fundamental to human communication.
  • Listen, speak and communicate with intention, from your heart. You can touch people powerfully with your words, with your actions. You can touch without the physical act of touching.

Touched by Yoga aims to encourage all people to value the practices of mindfulness, yoga, movement, massage and meditation as a necessary part of everyday life.

To touch is to give life – Michelangelo

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