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Touch heals more than muscles, it brings harmony to body, mind and soul

At Touched by Yoga we approach bodywork and massage from a place of deep listening and communication from both the practitioner and the patient. The role of Bodywork is to influence the tone, communication, and biomechanical tune of the body. As our movement compensations are habitual, they are difficult to notice. We use a multiple methods and techniques to work with the body to encourage holding patterns and hyper-tone to release. When we approach bodywork and massage in this way, we change the perception of the body in attention. We find it essential to work in both a therapeutic and educational way so that the patient becomes aware of why it is that there is hyper – tone or holding, in order to shed light and see long lasting change in condition and ease in movement.

Bodywork is essential in the early days of overcoming chronic injury or to re-educate movement patterns.

Bettina has an acute understanding of the human body. With the intention of providing a deep sense of care, she pays attention listening to what it is that you are presenting with. She approaches this work from a felt sense at both an energetic and physical level. She is incredibly intuitive and knows exactly what is needed to help you find balance and release. By curating an environment, she establishes a mood conducive with a sense of healing and learning, aiding the journey to re-educating your movement patterns.

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Leg Massage - Touched by Yoga

Remedial Therapy


Massage - Touched by Yoga

Deep Tissue


Massage - Touched by Yoga



Remedial Therapy

Are you recovering from a sporting injury and are seeking education and specialist guidance for injury prevention? Suffering from deep-seated tension perhaps as the result of a trauma or accident? Does your work cause your body strain and pressure and you are looking to release? This treatment is designed for people wanting specific results. The aim of a remedial massage treatment is to reduce physical pain, discomfort, increase your range of motion and to help prevent against any future or further injury.

Deep Tissue Massage

Are you looking for a strong, assertive yet deeply relaxing and satisfying massage? This technique will effectively relieve muscle tension in targeted areas, improving a whole range of issues caused or inflamed by the stress of everyday life. This massage therapy will free your muscular movement and allow you to feel completely renewed and refreshed. It focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and tissue, will loosen your muscles and improve the circulation of blood and oxygen all around your body.

Relaxation Massage

Feeling tired or unusually stressed? Looking for deep relaxation and a moment of escapism? This is a wonderfully relaxing massage therapy that uses gentle effleurage strokes to relax and soften your muscles, improve overall circulation and bring nutrients to the surface of your skin, leaving you feeling relaxed and invigorated. Relaxation massages are a truly blissful experience and can be a real treat for your physical and spiritual self.
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