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Bali is a world famous destination for yoga and meditation retreats, people from all over the world flock here to explore the forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs that span this tropical paradise.

Tina has spent many years in Bali, in capacity of a yoga student, yoga and bodywork teacher, wellness retreat coordinator, spiritual healer and of course – a surf enthusiast! Throughout her time here she has delivered dozens of truly memorable retreat experiences for hundreds of happy participants.

Touched by Yoga Bali retreats are a celebration of mindfulness, with a good mix of activities and excursions, highlighting the many natural wonders available. A plethora of sensory stimulations await you on this spiritual island, from silent meditation retreats at some of the most humble and beautifully filled spots, experiencing yoga in full-force at sunrise and sunset overlooking the ocean or rice paddies, to bodywork activities whilst immersed in nature.

Retreats vary in size, duration and their overall focus; various yoga disciplines and ability levels, silent retreats, bodywork, physical therapy, meditation. Tina also offers 1:1 experiences in Bali, bespoke and private sessions fully crafted around you, optimising your full physical power.

The wellness market in Bali is now flooded with yoga-centric retreats of all shapes and sizes. Finding a reliable, professional and inclusive experience can be overwhelming and difficult. If you do have any questions for us, perhaps you are considering a yoga teacher training or seek referrals for specific treatments and therapies, we’d be delighted to help you navigate the matrix of options.

We’d love to hear from you and welcome you to Bali. This page will be updated with Touched by Yoga Bali retreats and we invite you to join our mailing list and we will keep you updated directly!

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Here are some of the retreats we offer:

Yoga Immersion

Our Yoga Immersion retreat provides the perfect landing pad for all those seeking to go inward, self reflect and deepen their understanding of their yoga practice. Immerse yourself in a schedule of daily Meditation, Breath work, morning Vinyasa and evening Yin yoga practice. Explore in depth yoga anatomy, alignment, energetic technique, adjustments and modifications in daily workshops detailing the anatomy of the breath, bandhas, forward folds, standing and balancing postures, twists, back bends and inversions. Here we really put our practice under the microscope and ensure that what we are doing on the mat makes sense and is safe and effective for our body, mind and soul. Each student will also receive an optional private consultation to explore and highlight the key areas, postures and practices that suit their individual needs. We come together as a family of kind, caring and supportive souls with a mutual endeavor to grow in understanding, acceptance and love. It is a pleasure to be able to offer both new and experienced yogis, a safe, solid and effective foundation to the practice of yoga. We look forward to sharing the heart of yoga and its deeply healing benefits with you all.

Yoga and Surf

Our yoga and surf retreats are the epitome of a balanced, healthy and fun adventure holiday. Taking a light hearted and holistic approach to wellbeing, with a focus on mind, body and soul. Enjoy daily Yoga and Meditation sessions aimed at preparing your body and mind for your surfing activities. Your daily surf lessons or surf trips for those who would rather a guide than a teacher are tailored to your specific surf level. Our incredible coaches will have you improving your moves day by day and catching some of the best waves of your life. Each week enjoy 2 complimentary massage treatments to work out tension built up from surfing or to simply rest and unwind. To balance out the body and mind we enjoy cultural activities such as a boat trip through the lagoon to swim in the phosphorescence or visit the waterfalls or a remote beach location, ride horses on the beach (and a sunset cocktail!).

Yoga and Surf for Anxiety

This is a unique retreat that invites you to reconnect through the philosophies of yoga and the magic healing of the ocean. The world is a complex place. Be it work, relationships, social, health or economic circumstances; we all encounter challenges that test our abilities. Sometimes our coping skills can introduce unnecessary pain, stress and anxiety. In some circumstances it can lead to significant physical and emotional distress. During our retreat we will learn to be unconditionally kind and loving toward oneself and give space to find peace and contentment, helping us move through this world, comfortable with our emotions regardless of the situations surrounding us. We reflect and learn how to reconnect with our ability to give and receive infinite love and kindness leveraging Eastern philosophies and techniques. A space where participants can delve into their emotions with caring guidance and discover the powerful and healing application of self empathy. Combining healing through yogic philosophies that nurture and allow release, along with surfing which allows us to become intimate with our own fears and connect with a power as vast as the ocean, we find this to be an incredible combination to move through anxiety.

Dynamic Movement for Surfing

This retreat focuses on surf style training looking at core strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. We draw from Dynamic Nuromuscular Stability (DNS), posture and alignment, functional patterns, plyometrics, yoga and recovery practices to really dive deep into understanding both your body and how moving well impacts your surfing. With Daily surf coaching from our incredible local team you put into practice what we are learning on the land, out in the waves. We take video footage of our surf sessions so we can playback each evening and see how our technique expresses, we analyse and get tips on our indivdual surf style. At Touched by Yoga we work with you to realise your full potential no matter what your ability and experience with surfing is. Everyone can benefit from our program from novis first time surfers to elite athletes.

Yoga Restorative

When our lives are filled with yang, stress, anxiety and ever growing to do lists, why not make some time for yourself to relax and refuel. Our Restorative yoga retreat invites you to experience a gentle, integrative practice that creates a sacred space where time expands and slows down, allowing you to find your deepest sense of self. Our approach combines a unique blend of yin poses, guided imagery, movement meditation, Yoga Nidra, breath work, mantra and mind-body practices. We begin to recognise that the way we care for ourselves, others, and the environment is interrelated. Through developing awareness and loving kindness on and off the mat, we gain a felt sense of this “interrelatedness” (yoga) and can become a more fully inhabited embodied being. Becoming embodied is a process of returning to our innate sense of well-being where the richness and subtleties of life are deeply experienced. In this way, a life fully felt is a life fully lived. Escape the chill of winter for warm tropical beaches and bliss out with spa treatments and nourishing meals without having to do the dishes! Feel like taking an adventure? Take your pick of excursions from zip lining, waterfall rappelling, snorkeling, and more.

Silent Retreat

Our Zen Sesshin Retreat is a week dedicated to the practice of silent meditation which includes zazen (sitting meditation), kinhin (walking meditation), yoga, sharing the dharma and mindful walks. Silence is observed throughout this period. This is an opportunity to spend time away from distractions and dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to meditation. When the ripples of an over-active mind are calmed as you focus your attention on the present, the look you take at your life deepens. Sesshin is a compound Japanese term of two ideographs: setsu (touch) and shin (mind). Connecting your mind through Zen meditation will help you see the world and yourself with a greater sense of clarity. This is a rare moment to connect at a deeper level with your own heart and mind, free from the dispersion or distraction that seem to fill much of our everyday lives. This week offers the possibility of taking the inwards steps to reconnect with the source of what is healing and nourishing in all of us. One of the more impactful and profound experiences given to us to live is to recollect heart and mind in an intensive period of silent and still sitting. This is a moment when, while attending and caring for whatever is unfolding outside, we begin to turn our light inwards, as the Buddha encouraged us to do in his last recorded words. Turning our light inwards is another way of speaking of intimacy and coming home. Intimacy means no one other than you can take the steps, often steep, at times disquietening, that take you away from the distractions of the world and lead you to who you really are. To be truly who you are is to come home, and to come home is beyond words and descriptions. This is the gift of immersion in silence and stillness.

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