Part of the sheer joy of going on an adventure, whether at home or overseas, is so much about discovery, seeing, living and experiencing a new culture and environment.

Puerto Escondido and the surrounding areas are close to Touched by Yoga’s heart. We are continually inspired by the people, colours, places, food, sights, smells – the plenitude of possible experiences, both shared and personal. Learning about art, dance, cooking or the animal kingdom – there will be something that ignites curiosity and wonderment within you.

We endeavour to share as many of them with you as possible!

Included in your retreat program is a one-day excursion. There are several options available so please do let us know in advance if you have any special requests! The excursion will provide you with a taste of the magical place you are visiting and provide some respite from the physical activities – it is time to nourish the mind and soul!

For those who would like to see or do a little more, we can certainly help to coordinate any number of amazing excursions for you. Additional excursions can be added to your schedule and paid for on-site and are of course, contingent to weather on the day-of.

Laguna (phosphorescence)

Take a twilight boat ride across the lagoon and swim in the phosphorescence as the water around you, and the fish, glows bright blue in the dark.

Turtle Beach

Watch the Turtles come ashore to lay their eggs or witness the miracle of life as hundreds of baby Turtles hatch and make their moonlight scuffle to the ocean (seasonal).

Sunset Horse Riding on the Beach

Be guided on horse back along Zicatella beach as you watch the sky light up with the fading sun.


Take a leisurely walk or horse back ride to a beautiful local waterfall. Swim under the water or rest on the banks soaking in the energy of the falls.


Head south to some of the bigger shopping markets to find local souvenirs, beautiful Mexican blankets, bedding, hammocks and more.

Mexican Cooking Class

Ever wanted to learn how to cook home style Mexican specialities. Sign up to do a cooking class with a Mexican mamma and prepare food to die for.

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