Bettina (Tina) Freake

Yoga & Wellness Facilitator, Retreat Coordinator

It gives Tina great joy to facilitate our yoga and surf retreat in Puerto Escondido. Creating meaningful experiences for people who are keen to learn more about themselves, their bodies, minds, yoga, surfing and Mexican culture. She is a keen surfer who thrives in sharing the benefits of surfing and Mexican culture with you!

From beginners to advanced participant levels, Tina specialises in teaching movement practices and yoga that will lend themselves perfectly to surfing. All her classes are formed from a deep understanding and professional exploration of yoga philosophies, self-understanding, functional movement patterns, posture and alignment.

Tina has an innate ability to create an environment that invites you to delve deeper and rediscover yourself, every time you meet on the mat. Her background in human movement lends perfectly to her yoga sessions, as she seamlessly tailors each class to your body’s needs.

Her presence is both calming and empowering, her touch is healing and compassionate. Bettina is known for inspirational, uplifting and joyful classes and is always working with the elements of touch. Gently yet powerfully, she assists with hands that guide you through your practice.

She recognises how to smoothly transition from posture to posture, knowing just when to turn up the heat, how to break down asanas into simple steps making them accessible to everyone. Her classes are all encompassing; physical, spiritual and educational. Each class is designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery.

You will get to know your body very well!

Andrew (Andy) Phillips

Retreat Coordinator

Andrew is a central part to our community and participant journey, helping to coordinate your movements and experiences before you even touch-down in Mexico!

Many of you will be speaking with him before you arrive to Puerto Escondido and will meet him in-person as he is part of our on-site team. He and Tina will manage your retreat orientation and Andrew will be making sure you are getting the most out of your retreat experience, working with you to organise your personalised schedules.

As an advocate for the overarching benefits of implementing a yoga and wellness routine into your everyday life, he is also fascinated by culture and passionate about sustainability and the environment. You can expect to see him around camp and joining activities throughout your Mexico adventure!

Born and raised in Kent, England, after graduating from the University of Arts London, he emerged onto the corporate ladder and continued to live and work around the world for a number of global business in various education, marketing and communications roles.

Andy looks forward to meeting you all, sharing stories (he has some pretty good ones!) and helping you on your journey to a fulfilled and heart felt experience.

Miguel (Tivo) Ramirez

Surf Facilitator

Tivo has rightly earned the reputation as the best surf coach in Puerto Escondido. He was born and raised in Puerto Escondido and knows first-hand of all the surf spots that we look forward to sharing with you. He is passionate about the ocean and has been teaching people to surf for almost two decades.

Tivo has worked with people from all over the world, teaching them to surf and build a relationship with the wave. He’s experienced in working with first timers, beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers from all walks of life.

His passion for surfing saw him become an ASP judge at competitions around Mexico. He has a keen eye and is as patient as they come. To boot, Tivo is one of the most genuine guys you will ever meet and brings a sense of humour to each session you will have out in the waves.

With safety in mind Tivo makes sure he has a high teacher to student ratio and actively reads the wave conditions (to make informed decisions about surf class times, schedules and locations), to keep you both safe and having a great carefree time in the water.

You will stand up and surf green waves and you will have the time of your life doing it!

Daniel (Dany) Lopez

Surf Facilitator

Dany is a qualified surf instructor teaching in both Mexico and Australia for a number of years. He was also born and raised in Puerto Escondido and his earliest memories are that of his time spent in the ocean with his father and brother. He absolutely lives for the ocean and all things surf.

After spending a few years surfing in Bali Indonesia he qualified to become a yoga teacher with Santosha Yoga Institute and has enjoyed implementing his yoga skills into his surf lessons.

Dany loves people and gets stoked when he sees his students having fun and learning. Your time spent with Dany in the water will be memorable and full of laughs.

Dany is a great asset to the Tivo Surf Lesson’s team speaking both English and Spanish. For those of you looking for a surf guide Dany knows all the local spots (near and far along the Oaxacan coastline) and will be happy to take you to some of the best waves of your life.

If Dany is not helping you out during the retreat or teaching your surf lessons, you will find him surfing some of the giant waves at Zicatela (if you grab some photos or videos of him he will love you forever).

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