Creating Meaningful Experiences

At Touched by Yoga, we believe in the power of an authentic, immersive experience, connecting with the source of wellness and healing, granting yourself the permission and time to give back to yourself and the world around you.

Our carefully crafted and multi-disciplinary retreats, truly offer you the best of both worlds; from world leading movement sessions where you get to know your body in a way you have never experienced before, authentic direct path yoga practices, mindfullness and meditation inviting you to get to know yourself deeply, and massage treatments to truly relax and unwind. Each and every memorable experience is centered around the environment and destination where our retreat is being offered.

We believe in the healing effects of clean eating and nourishing your body with healthy food. On all of our retreats the majority of meals you will enjoy are from our beautifully curated plant based menus. The meals will be healthy, hearty and ridiculously delicious. The food is an absolute highlight with quality exciting vegetarian meals. Most of your meals will be catered for, they will be sourced locally (as much as possible), be nutrient enriched and well-balanced. We create the menu, with the intention to fuel you with food from the heart, preparing your body for all that is in stall for you during your retreat experience. You will go home with loads of inspiration to get creative in your own kitchen!

Each retreat will offer you customisation. You will be able to personalise your experience, we endeavor to ensure that your needs and expectations can be met and redesigned. Whether you are keen to add one-to-one surf lessons, a massage or private session with our facilitators, we are dedicated to our shared experience.

We pride ourselves on working with local vendors, ensuring that we are collaborative with the culture around us. Our retreats give-back to local communities wherever possible, helping to reinforce and build a positive change in the lives of all people involved in our retreats.

Sustainability is embedded in the core values of Touched by Yoga, especially on our retreats. We fully respect all environments we enter as part of a retreat and would expect that you would do the same. We are passionate about the ocean, the wellbeing of the natural world and wherever possible, single use plastics, non-recyclable materials and carbon footprint heavy produce or products will not be used.

As well as offering our Touched by Yoga retreats around the world, we also cater to bespoke-built retreats, available in any destination. Our bespoke-built retreats are a perfect solution for a corporate or private event. Whether forming part of your overall event experience, or perhaps itself being the main attraction, we would love to hear what your needs are and work together on creating your unique experience.





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