Body-Mind Services

Body-Mind Services

“Every ‘body’ tells a story, let the body speak to you” – Janda

Your body-mind sessions are not prescribed and taught they are based on YOU, how you present, how you feel and what you are seeking guidance on. Tina will use multiple disciplines and modalities to inform your sessions helping you work towards your ideal and homeostasis. Working on something specific (rehab/yoga/meditation)? Tina will work with you and your needs.

Working one on one with Tina can introduce you to different ways to explore who you are, how you experience yourself (physically, mentally and emotionally) and how you experience life. This work will help you to go deeper, to build a relationship with yourself, to take ownership of your own wellbeing and trust in your own experience like never before. You may come to this work for all sorts of reasons, be it, trauma, disconnection, disconnect, heartbreak, a feeling of ‘stuckness’, anxiety, pain or something less easy to describe. Sometimes, you don’t know what you need until you turn up and see where you go.

Dive into some more info below. Or if you already have an idea on what you are working on through functional Movement, Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Mediation, then book a session to experience it for yourself.

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